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Nov 18, 2019 | Fur Baby | 20 comments

We are officially headed into Joy’s favorite season, WINTER. The trees have slowly faded from green, and with every walk, there’s a pep in her step. She looks back at me with eyes saying, “Mom can you feel it?” She has made me think about winter in a completely different way. She has shown me that the cold and the snow can truly be fun. SAY WHAT?! That’s something I thought I would NEVER say. I’m a total freeze baby right here, and my favorite season is summer in case you are wondering.

Joy Rose is my fur baby and we’ve been weathering seasons together for 3+ years now. Joy and I often have conversations, and we had one recently. I told her that her favorite season was fast approaching. This got me thinking about the different seasons of our lives and how we choose to manage them.

Four years ago, I faced a challenging season. The holidays were approaching, I was a new dog mom, and my husband was headed out of town for a two-week trip. What scared me the most though, was facing the first cold and brutal winter without the warmth of my mother. She had a way of lifting my spirits, no matter what the weather brought.

To this day I reference many of my mom’s philosophies. She had a way of making you think, learn, and then take action. She taught me how to ask myself those major “life season” questions. How can YOU help yourself feel better?

This question is one I hope you can ask yourself in times of struggle. WHAT CAN YOU CHANGE TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER? Equally important, are you willing to the work required to bring about a positive change.


My goal was, “I want to enjoy winter”. My choice was to do something about it. That all started with JOY. While that may seem like a pun on words, it’s not. My dog, Miss Joy Rose lead the way, and I chose to follow.

Joy LOVES, and I mean LOVES snow. I swear she is part husky. Back then, I would let her outside and watch from the door at how HAPPY she was. She would roll around non-stop. I would beg her to come in, just so I could shut the door. That never happened easily. She was simply too busy jumping, playing, and pushing the snow all around. Once I finally did get her inside, she was happily covered in snowballs. I had my answer. Winter became fun when I decided to join in the play. Since then, we’ve bundled up and enjoyed many “hiking with dogs” winter adventures. Turns out, winter can be fun and exhilarating when you give it a chance… AND dress appropriately.

When I commit to something, I immediately write it down. I opened my journal and wrote, “I promise to play in the snow with Joy.” As we head into the winter season I want one of you to win this journal for yourself. Writing has been very healing and helpful for me, and I want one of you to experience that same joy. Never apologize for feeling sad, simply do what my mom would do. Ask yourself how you can feel better, then commit to doing it.

Forever and always in honor of my mom, I share her special wisdom for the changing seasons of our lives.

To enter the YOUR SEASON Giveaway, in the comments below share your favorite season (spring, summer, winter or fall). For an extra entry, tell me your least favorite season, and what helps you get through it. Giveaway starts NOW and ends Friday, November 22nd, 2019 at noon EST. Winner will be contacted by email, on Friday, November 22nd, 2019 by EOD.



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