Pink. Hair… DON’T CARE


Sep 2, 2019 | For Real | 30 comments

I’ve done some radical things in my life, but this one is truly special. Dying my hair pink comes once a year, to honor and celebrate my mom’s birthday on September 1st. Yesterday, she would have turned 68 years old, and this is my 4th time going pink. It was my first time going to a wedding with pink hair, but I conquered that challenge, too! A few extra people had to embrace my pink hair over the weekend! So, Happy “Pink Hair Month” Birthday, Mom! You inspired me… PINK HAIR, DON’T CARE.

A statement I find many of us saying is “stop caring what others think,” and I could not agree more. I also find that statement to be very easy to say, but hard to do. We are not only looking at others, but looking within ourselves. So let me ask you this, are you honoring your own life? Do you live and celebrate the person you are today? Or, do you get caught up in the “what would they think” and “maybe someday I will” drama?

My mom was an advocate for celebrating not only birthdays, but daily life. There was always a celebration to be experienced. Sometimes, it was just a matter of looking for it. When it came to birthdays, my mom held nothing back. I could not wait for all her zip, zest and love to dazzle me on my birthday! She would sing to me in person, over the phone, and always said, “Don’t answer this call.” That lead to her singing again, on my voice mail, just in case I needed some extra, extra love. She had a way of making you feel like the most important person on the planet. This was even true for the “non-birthday” lovers of the bunch… AKA my Dad and husband.

The year she somehow got my Dad to wear silly birthday glasses, was one for the books. (Wait till you see the images below.) Or, the creative ways she handled my husband, who for a while, simply hated his birthday. One year, she gave him a non-birthday card. Inside she wrote, “There was going to be money here, but I took it and spent it on myself. Since you don’t celebrate, I wanted to celebrate this non-birthday day we’re having.” We all rolled laughing, and he teasingly flicked her off. Amazingly enough, he started accepting his birthday could be celebrated. She was out on a mission, and she was going to win. Birthdays are for celebrating, and our lives are worth living. This was not about age, it was about life. Stop caring, start living was her motto.


When the time finally came for her own birthday, she wanted the same excitement and enthusiasm. She achieved this by implementing one simple rule with me. I was not allowed to say the word “NO”. It was her time to get me to do some of those things I dreaded, but she loved. So, if she wanted to rubber stamp with WAY TOO MUCH glitter, that’s what we did. Note: I hate glitter! Knowing this, my mom would send me a birthday card with AS MUCH GLITTER as possible. That was just how she saw life. Look at the other side. Be different. Allow yourself to embrace what this world has to offer. Reach beyond your comfort zone in a way that leaves you thinking, and laughing along the way.

That is how we got right here. Never ever did I think I would have pink hair. Nor did I think I would love it. Thank you, Mom, for teaching me to live, enjoy, have fun, and stop caring what others might think. I’m trying Mom, and I hope all of you will try with me.

To enter the PINK HAIR DON’T CARE Giveaway, in the comments below share something fun you’ve done to celebrate a birthday. Or how you made an ordinary day become extraordinary. For an extra entry, play I-spy within the blog and guess what I am giving away. HUGE HINT: My mom loved these things! Bonus: Include your age and birthday for even another entry! Winner will be contacted by email, on Friday, September 6th, 2019 by EOD. Giveaway ends starts NOW and ends Friday, September 6th at noon EST.



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