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When I was little, I wanted to be a hairdresser. While my mom had many talents, doing hair was not one of them. I remember asking anyone who came over, “Can you put piggy tails into my hair?” While knowing how to french braid is one of my superpowers, it did not become my career.

Our lives go through many chapters and changes, and my career path has done the same. Some changes were out of my control, while others placed me squarely in the driver’s seat. My background was originally developed at Cleveland State University in graphic design and business marketing. Every single page of this website started with my initial design direction, and the very talented team at AMPED CREATIV helped me take it over the finish line.

If you read my first blog, you know I talked about putting in the work. Before I move on, it’s completely relevant to explain how much thought, planning, effort and heart this website really took. This did not happen overnight. I have felt excited to drained, exhilarated to exhausted, and even a little lost, to giddy. I had to revisit my past so I could move forward to my present. This labor of love took a solid three months of focus, dedication, self-discovery, and yes, many new beginnings.

Starting a new project can be challenging at any stage. It’s no different with our careers. My first job gave me the reality of working ALL THE TIME. No one prepares you for that fun fact. Wait, what… no more summers off, and only two weeks vacation for the entire year? The thought briefly crossed my mind, maybe I should have become an art teacher. No, I didn’t go back to school, I went job hunting instead.

In 2005, I landed what I thought was my dream job. Back then there was no LinkedIn, social media or jobs being posted on Facebook. There was the newspaper. Would you believe, I still have the cutout ad for the job opening? It happened! I got the job, and guys…. they gave me three weeks vacation.

For ten years I worked in corporate America as a Graphic Designer for The Bonne Bell Company. I worked my way up to 5-weeks vacation, and finally had some me time again! That all came to an abrupt halt when I walked into a company meeting and learned the business had been sold. Many others, along with myself, lost our jobs that day.


“So what now,” I asked myself? I was entering unknown territory. After much thought and soul searching I realized my goals had changed. I wanted new challenges and experiences along with more work/life balance. I truly believe there are times in your life that everything happens for a reason… the people you meet, the steps you take, even the pain you go through. By chance, my mom and I walked into a showroom that led me to the next three years of my evolving career. A local artist, SUSIE FRAZIER, needed a unicorn. Initially, my role was to help with graphics and brand development. I soon found myself learning and expanding my talents into broader areas.

At this same time, in tandem, the unthinkable happened. I lost my mother. Your perspective on life completely changes when you’re faced with your worst nightmare. My life shut down on many levels during this time to cope. I dove completely into my new job. This dulled my pain and got me through until I could come up for air. It was then time for me to face some realizations and make a change, so I could find myself again. I said some very hard goodbyes but was ready to move forward. I wanted to learn from both my personal and professional experiences, expand on my new talents and skills, and find balance in my life again.

So here I am, starting a lot of new beginnings… a new job, a new blog, a new me. I’ve taken ownership of the person I want to become, and am building a better version of myself. It all starts now! Comment below, and tell me what “new beginning” you’re starting for yourself!

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