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If you are just getting to know me and this blog, I’m Lisa, and this is my puppy, Joy Rose. We are here to spread happiness.

After spending years dealing with all of life’s unpredictability, I found through writing I could start to heal. Life has a way of challenging us, but with every obstacle, we also learn to grow. While each of our stories are unique to our own set of circumstances, many of us find ourselves becoming warriors of our own lives. Through massive loss and devastation, I was able to find coping mechanisms that became my tools to help me navigate through all of life’s uncertainty.

Looking back, I could write a book about all the things I’ve lived through. So, it was challenging for me to summarize this “about me” section. Experiencing things like job loss, health issues, relationship strain, and the loss of my mother forced me to grow stronger. When you are in the tornado of life, you don’t always realize the valuable lessons it’s teaching you. So, while each of those issues were extremely difficult, they have become my own personal story and legacy.

At one time my writing was strictly about fashion. Now I’m ready to expand into additional areas of interest. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good fashion tip and I will continue to share those, too. So, what will you find here is a little bit of fashion, a sprinkle of fur baby and a touch of fitness. Oh, and I dye my hair pink once a year, so you can look forward to that, too! Life has taught me how to become a warrior. My goal is to empower you to do the same, all while looking and feeling your best!

PS: (Because I always have one more thing to share!) I’m not only a writer but a designer as well. If interested, take a look at my design page here!

PPS: Keep scrolling down to find out why I named my page STYLE ONLY SMILES.

local love

cleveland girl

Cleveland #theland that she loves.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.
Developed a multi-talented background at
Cleveland State University.

Spent ten years in corporate America at
The Bonne Bell Company.

Created a Cleveland based Fashion Blog.
Expanded talents working for a
small business and local artist.


More than just a give-away.

Brings enlightened awareness to
#shoppingsmall and #locallove.
Works with small businesses to
develop relationships and collaborations.
Coordinates successful give-aways that
provide fun user interactions, while
showcasing enriching ways to give-back.

fashion + more

Beyond the surface layer.

Forever lover of all things Anthropologie.
Fur Baby mom, with a combined
passion for spreading JOY.

Fitness advocate... personal favorites include
swimming, hiking and pilates.

Focused blogger exploring inner strength,
personal growth, and fun with fashion.


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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a love for fashion. While my sense of STYLE has evolved over the years, what remained clear was how it made me feel. No matter what battle I faced, when I dressed better, I felt better. The thing is, not everyone was on board with that. Judgment comes in many forms, and I found it extremely difficult to understand why others would judge me based solely on my appearance. I took that pain and put it into a passion. I created a fashion blog, showcasing all my layers, even the ones below the surface.

STYLE is where it all began, and serves as an important foundation for this new journey.

Being an only child is something I don’t normally advertise, but these days I see things a little differently. I have chosen to honor this fact the same way I honor my mom and her sudden passing from this world. When I lost her, my writing expanded and became one of my creative outlets. So, hidden in Style Only Smiles, you will find my mom’s initials “SS” along with myself, her one and ONLY.

This might seem strange, but I want you to take a minute here to simply smile. Think about something, anything, that makes you smile. Now I’m going to do the same. Together we are spreading smiles and that feeling is incredible. Even on my darkest days, I have forced myself to find those little moments that bring me joy. I have journaled about them, and now I am back to share them. While smiling is something we often do in front of a camera, I want to encourage you to do it in your daily life. Together we can share and spread SMILES, and that is how this new journey begins. Welcome to Style Only Smiles.


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