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Jun 10, 2019 | For Real | 56 comments

It’s hard to describe the feeling I have right now. This is my first official blog post since 2017 when I said goodbye. On one hand, I’m doing jumping jacks and thrilled beyond measure to be back on this platform. On the other hand, I am scared. If I didn’t say I was a little afraid I wouldn’t be honest. Typically when I make a decision, I stick with it. When I said goodbye, I truly did not think I would blog again. Having the support of my mother, who was also my number one cheerleader and fan, gave me all the courage and strength I needed. Now, that strength has to come from within. Things I never used to worry about, are creeping into my head. It’s up to me now, to find ways to cope with each of them. The fear of simply putting myself back out there is real, but I am choosing to face it. I’m not a runner, period.

In the past, I would write without giving it a second thought. My mother used to ask me, “How do you do it?” Back then I thought the question was silly. My response was always the same, “I don’t know really, it comes naturally.” The minute she passed, that answer completely changed. She believed in me, so it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. At the end of the day, mom was there. She would tell me like it was, good or bad. She would lead me into deeper waters, without me even knowing. So, I asked myself, could I do this without her? The answer was, I could not. So, I dug deep and wrote a farewell, to her, to me, to you, and that was that. So, I thought…

I have come to realize that timing is everything in life. Looking back, there were a few pivotal moments that made me question my own silence and fear.

While out with friends at dinner one night, the conversation somehow led to my old blog. I found myself saying, and not for the first time, “I really miss writing.” The response I got in return was, “Girl, no one misses writing.” That moment hit me like a ton of bricks.

The second instance came to me on a 12-hour flight to Hawaii. I’m not typically a reader, but with time to kill, the popular book ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’, spoke volumes to me. I finished the book by the time we landed and had what I call an “AH-HA-ALOHA” moment. I decided it was time to come back and face my fear.


If you saw me right now, you would see tears rolling down my face. The amount of pain, passion, and bravery to get here has been something I‘ve had to solely navigate. Don’t get me wrong, I fully honor my supporters, and have had some major key players helping me along the way. No matter how many people help you, at the end of the day, it’s up to each of us to put in the work to move forward through our daily struggles.

The direction of this new blog is now a multi-versatile platform for me to share more than just my fashion. My mom used to ask me, “Where does your inspiration come from?” I want to take that question and turn it into a plan. I want to be the one inspiring you. Making you want to put in the work… for YOU. If it’s through fashion, a fur baby, fitness tips, or simply talking it out “for real,” I’m here to write. Because this girl, right here, has REALLY missed writing.

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There are moments that define our existence, make us realize…

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