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Dec 9, 2019 | Fashion Flirt | 18 comments

We’re celebrating early here on Style Only Smiles. I am super excited to write this blog, because it is all about the CHEER PARTY. Life is worth celebrating and this past year has been one I am ready to reflect back on. It’s time to toast with my favorite thing, SCARVES! So buckle and bundle up, it’s cozy in here.

Bring out your cheer, write down your year, it’s time to celebrate all the victories. Look, you even faced your fears.

It’s easy to move fast these days, especially around this time of year. Don’t let this year pass by without celebrating the most important thing – YOU!

The holidays are right around the corner. We are all balancing and holding way more than just scarves. We multitask, problem solve, and try to do it all in a way that works for us. The question I ask is, “Have you taken a break for you?”.

Take a minute and think about your accomplishments in 2019. Play them our in your mind. What did you learn? Did you grow from the experiences? Did you celebrate your triumphs? Big or small, they all matter and are part of our own personal victory story. Don’t hide your successes, share them! Examples: Did you try a new hair cut and love it? CELEBRATE IT! Did you finally paint the living room a perfect new color? CELEBRATE IT! Did you start a blog, when you were scared, and questioned if you could really do it? Okay, that one was me… AND HECK YES, I DID! NOW IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE! Let’s all make a personal cheer list to cheer about.



CHEER PARTY #1 – I redesigned and relaunched my baby blog… small sentence, huge effort! DESIGNED IT!

CHEER PARTY #2 – I started writing again. With every blog I wrote, in tandem I did a giveaway. GAVE BACK!

CHEER PARTY #3 – I made it onto the “” platform. This was HUGE, and I am still a bit giddy over it. LEARNED IT!

CHEER PARTY #4 – I hosted my first ever style event at one of my favorite local shops, Banyan Tree. STYLED IT!

CHEER PARTY #5 – I put myself out there again, going outside of my own comfort zones. MET AWESOME, TALENTED CONNECTIONS!

To honor my last blog of 2019, my love for scarves, my love for local talent, and most of all, my love for you, I have an extra special giveaway. I’m excited to announce one of you will be matching me. Yes, I have a fabulous scarf to giveaway. These hand-knitted scarves, made by Mamina, are my absolute favorites. I bought two burgundy ones last year and made myself a promise. I promised I would write again and give back to those who gave to me. – Thank you for being here with me throughout my comeback year. You are the best!

Tell me one of the goals you crushed this year in the comments below and you will be entered to win. CHEER PARTY 2019 SCARF GIVEAWAY starts today, December 9th and ends Friday, December 13th at noon. Winner will be contacted via email by EOD on Friday, December 13th. US residents only.


Four years ago, I faced a challenging season. The holidays…