SOS “Style Only Smiles”

an online island where your
de-stress codes are found.
a reason to smile
and feel happy,
even if dismay is around.
a path to self-love,
where the message is clear.
style sessions are simple,
and good health is held dear.

synonymous with:
be you. find joy.
embrace fitness.
discover fashion.


Fashion Flirt

Fashion Flirt

Fur Baby

Fur Baby

For Real

For Real

Fitness is Fun

Fitness is Fun

local love

cleveland girl

Cleveland #theland that she loves.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.
Developed a multi-talented background at
Cleveland State University.

Spent ten years in corporate America at
The Bonne Bell Company.

Created a Cleveland based Fashion Blog.
Expanded talents working for a
small business and local artist.


More than just a give-away.

Brings enlightened awareness to
#shoppingsmall and #locallove.
Works with small businesses to
develop relationships and collaborations.
Coordinates successful give-aways that
provide fun user interactions, while
showcasing enriching ways to give-back.

fashion + more

Beyond the surface layer.

Forever lover of all things Anthropologie.
Fur Baby mom, with a combined
passion for spreading JOY.

Fitness advocate… personal favorites include
swimming, hiking and pilates.

Focused blogger exploring inner strength,
personal growth, and fun with fashion.

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